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Each tier of my wedding cakes is made up of four layers of moist sponge cake filled with Swiss meringue buttercream and any other relevant fillings such as fruit conserves, curds or home-made caramel.


  • Fondant iced cakes are covered in white or plain chocolate ganache and finished with fondant icing.

  • Buttercream cakes are generously covered with Swiss meringue buttercream.

  • Semi-naked cakes are thinly covered with Swiss meringue buttercream so you can still see the cake layers.


Below are some popular flavours. If you cannot see your favourite flavour combination, just ask and I will do my best to provide it for you.


Classic Vanilla - Vanilla sponge layered with vanilla buttercream

Victoria Sponge - Vanilla sponge layered with vanilla buttercream and either raspberry or strawberry conserve.

Luscious Lemon - Fragrant lemon sponge layered with lemon curd buttercream.

Lemon & raspberry - Fragrant lemon sponge layered with raspberry buttercream.

Orange & white chocolate - Orange sponge layered with white chocolate buttercream.

Coconut & lime – Coconut sponge layered with lime curd buttercream.

Raspberry ripple & white chocolate - Vanilla sponge swirled with raspberry puree layered with white chocolate buttercream.

Classic Chocolate - A deliciously light chocolate sponge layered with velvety chocolate buttercream.

Cherry chocolate - A deliciously light chocolate sponge layered with cherry conserve and vanilla buttercream.

Red Velvet - A lightly tangy, ever so chocolately, vibrantly red sponge layered with either vanilla or white chocolate buttercream.

Caramelatté - Coffee sponge layered with caramel buttercream.

Cherry Bakewell - Almond sponge layered with cherry conserve and vanilla buttercream.

Sticky Toffee - Decadent sticky toffee cake layered with salted caramel buttercream.

Coffee, walnut & caramel - Coffee & walnut sponge layered with caramel or salted caramel buttercream.

Carrot, pecan & lime - Delicately spiced carrot cake, with pecans for crunch, layered with lime curd buttercream.

Pistachio & rose - Delicious pistachio cake layered with delicately flavoured rose buttercream.

Rich, boozy fruit cake - Packed with fruit, my fruit cakes are matured for 3 months and regularly infused with brandy or sherry. Can be non-alcoholic if preferred. Usually covered with marzipan and then fondant, however if you require nut-free, that can be managed.

Gluten-free wedding cakes Leicestershire


I bake exclusively gluten-free, which simply means I use a special flour blend. There are no strange additional ingredients and the cakes taste just like ‘normal’ cake so everyone will enjoy them.

Take a look at the feedback from previous happy customers and you will see that many people don't even realise the cake is gluten-free.


If you're still unsure, come and see me at a wedding fair and try a cake sample, or order a taster box. Just get in touch.

Depending on the cake flavour required, many cakes can be prepared dairy free, egg free or vegan.

Most of my cakes don't contain nuts, however my kitchen is not certified nut-free.



What is a cake portion anyway, and why is it important?

The general rule of thumb is a finger portion is 1" x 1" x the height of the cake and a dessert portion is 1" x 2" x the height of the cake. ⁠

If you're serving your cake with tea & coffee at the end of your wedding breakfast, or only at the evening reception, you'll most likely want finger portions.

If you're having your cake as the dessert for your wedding breakfast, you'll probably want dessert portions.

You'll get about half as many dessert portions than finger portions from the same size of cake. For example, a popular 3 tier cake will give approximately 100 finger portions, and about 50 dessert portions. So, you would need a larger cake for dessert portions.

Ultimately though it will depend on who cuts the cake, and I find the actual portion size is somewhere between these two sizes. ⁠

This is why I give you a portion number range, and as long as your guest numbers are somewhere in that range, you should be fine. Not everyone eats the cake anyway (strange people).



As your cake will be designed to your individual requirements, the total price will depend on the size of your cake and the level of decoration. I can provide you with a detailed quote once we have discussed your requirements for your special cake.

I have listed below the starting price for a number of popular size options as both fondant finished or buttercream.



2 tiers (35 – 70 portions):

from £355 for buttercream finish

from £405 for fondant finish

3 tiers (55 – 110 portions):

from £470 for buttercream finish

from £530 for fondant finish

4 tiers (100 – 200 portions):

from £630 for buttercream finish

from £740 for fondant finish


PLEASE NOTE: The prices listed above are subject to change and are adjusted as required with increases in supply costs etc.

2025 & 2026 pricing available on request.

Portion & Price
Relaxed rustic wedding dessert table with 3 buttercream drip cakes, meringues, blondies and brownies



A fantastic alternative to a traditional wedding cake, there are many dessert options for you to choose from.

Some options include brownies, blondies, cakesicles, cake pops, macarons, meringues, iced cookies, mini cakes, cupcakes, mini cheesecakes and different flavoured cookies.

Get in touch to discuss your dessert table ideas. 

Dessert Tables




If you decide to provide a little gift for your wedding guests, edible favours are a great option.

I currently offer macarons and personalised cookies.

Prices start at £2.75 per cookie favour, £3.50 per single macaron favour, or £6.50 per two macaron favour.

Get in touch to discuss all the options available.

Wedding favour cookies with gold leaf
Wood Panel

“Cathlene went out of her way to meet up with us, trying out new flavours and new techniques that fitted in amazingly with our cake table design ideas. Drawing out her plans for us and sending us sample cakes made us feel incredibly confident that what we wanted would be delivered on the day."

Chantelle & Andrew

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